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10:43 am, by gemboy,

It been a long time that i haven’t opened my tumblr account, i was really pre-occupied the past years, many events, happening in my life that i forgot to post, and now here am i writing another tales. Actually not  a tale, its more of realization.

I really don’t know if I’m selfish or what, my dad had a massive heart attack last september, and doctor informed us that he needs to undergo andiolasty surgery that costs around 1 million pesos, and what is bad is we need it as soon as possible. unfortunately, it came during the enrollment week. My brother asks me if i can stop (bad english grammar LOL) Yeah, I’m not getting younger anymore, and i want to finish my college, to find a greener pastures in the future. I don’t know what shall i answer to this question, I know for myself that i did my best just to excel in academics and it bear much fruit. I’m already 22 years old, and i don’t to be like the others who failed to fisnish college and now wandering and doing nothing. If I said yes, what shall i do for the next 6 months. (In my age, in my height and health condition) I’m not qualified to go to work, I don’t want to have another world war 4 again! oh please!! if i said yes, I can still go to school and continue to accelerate in academics, the problem is if i said yes, famly will call me selfish, because i didn’t give way to restore my dad to good health.

"Alam mo yung feeling na pinag-uuntog ka sa dalawang bato." that’s what i’m feeling right now. I’m afraid to loose my dad (of course anyone of us is afraid to loose someone) But I’m more thinking of my future and my status in life. I’m really confused right now, really confused.

If I’m in your shoe, what will you answer YES or NO?

Will you call yourself a SELFISH KID or A GOOD SON?

Lord, I lift up to you this confusions send me down your spirit for wisdom and understanding. You know what I’m feeling right now.


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whew!! its been a long time that i have’t opened my tumblr account. It’s good to be back here!!! :-)

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